Littmann Classic II SE-Orange

Littmann Classic II SE, Orange The 3M Littmann Classic II SE features: A patented tuneable diaphragm on one side, with the added benefit of a traditional bell on the other. The tuneable diaphragm on the 3M Littmann Classic II SE allows you to listen to high and low frequency sounds by simply adjusting the pressure used during examination. Firm pressure allows you to listen to high frequency sounds- ease off to light contact and the diaphragm instantly switches to let you hear low frequency sounds (previously heard using the traditional bell). The bell side on the 3M Littmann Classic II SE can also be used for low frequency sounds and special procedures such as bruits, intercostal spaces and auscultation of smaller and bony patients. A single lumen (71cm/28 inches), with comfortably angled anatomically correct headset and patient-friendly nonchill rim and diaphragm to ensure maximum patient comfort. The 3M Littmann Classic II SE features a tough, elastomer polyurethane rim on the chestpiece and crack-resistant, reinforced, PVC tubing. The tubing allows you to fold the scope easily without worry of kinking or breaking. The internal, double-leaf, binaural spring helps assure a long life and allows easy adjustment of ear-tube tension. The ear-tubes are lightweight, yet very durable. Patented soft sealing ear tips designed to produce an excellent acoustic seal, with maximum comfort (firmer ear tips are supplied with the stethoscope if you prefer). These ear tips are supplied as standard on the 3M Littmann Classic II SE. Rp.755,000 SMS 0813 1135 0193 PIN 276A5F74

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